Working My Mind

Now, I will admit that sometimes my brain is sorely lacking stimulation…and I’m not sure if the following was stimulation, or simply boredom.  However, I do think my results are quite interesting.


One day as I was traveling to Texas on a road similar to the one above, though considerably busier than this one, I became focused on how many RVs there were on the northbound side of the road.   Of course, at first I was just jealous, because all those people were headed for places I would like to be going.  But alas, my TT was waiting for me down in Texas, where I had left it for the majority of the winter.

There were a LOT of 18-wheelers on the road, but there were also a LOT of RVs!!!  My little pea-brain decided I should count how many RVs I saw compared to the number of semis.  I counted for a rather large number of miles, and then did it again later in the day, just to substantiate the claims I am about to make.  I came up with an average of 1 RV to every 19 semis.  Then, I thought…that’s not really a fair accounting of how many people are RVing…I need to eliminate the semis from my count.

At that point, I started counting passenger vehicles compared to RVs.  Low and behold, I actually ended up with…1 RV to every 9 cars.  That means that 10% of the population is traveling in RVs!!  How smart are they?!?  I wish there had been a way to know how many were full timers opposed to part timers.  I’ll have to work on that one!

Ya’ll have lots of fun…and be safe!!

Shed Not A Tear.

I found this so touching, I simply had to reblog it for others to enjoy.


Shed not a tear when I be gone,
Don’t wet your cheeks for me.
I’m in the ink you write with
That you can not seem to see.

I sit beside you daily,
as you go about your life.
Watching out for trouble
I try to ward off strife.

I whisper secret stories
In your ear for you to write.
I infiltrate your thoughts
When you put out the light.

So there is no need to feel lonely
Or to wander there in gloom
For I am in every corner
Of each and every room.

*finger to lips* Shhh!

Linda Hill Thank you for your prompt presshereto join in.

This I penned a while ago for a friend who said she didn’t think she could write now her mother had gone. She was her motivation and without her … In a stream of conciousness I wrote this and…

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Silent Love

Though love does not require a word

in many ways it’s voice is heard

in the silence hear it speak

the voice of love is never weak.

Love promotes faith and trust

for each human is a must

without love — an empty shell

to hear it speak, listen well.

Love conveyed without a word

sweeter sounds were never heard.

when there’s love, actions say

love grows stronger day by day.

no greater gift on the earth

no possession of it’s worth.

On love there can’t be put a price

can’t be won with roll of dice

do not love too freely give

too freely given, will not live.

With fleeting glance, or a touch

love can say so very much.

when there’s love between a pair,

silent thoughts they’re prone to share.

Love is as a flowing stream

forever endless does it seem

disappearing round a bend

love, like stream, knows no end

A stream will widen, and will grow

into a river winding slow.

love will widen and grow, too

cherish it when given you

Clutch love gently to your breast

of all gifts, it is the best.




A Native American Prayer-dedicated to each of those I hold dear


“O Divine Parent and Gift-giver, let me not take those I love for granted, failing to remember that you  have only loaned them to me for a very short while.

Help me, this day, you who are absolute love, to love those you have loaned to me as if tomorrow you would call them home to you.

Let me not take them for granted or be blind to the marvel of their presence, to the sound of their voices, the joy of their companionship, or the beauty of their love

May their minor faults and failings, which often cause me discomfort, be seen as trivial transgressions compared to the marvel of this gift that you have loaned to me for only a short while.”

My Dearest Love

I promise that you alone will hold in your hands

my heart, mind, and soul for all eternity.

I promise to love and adore you,

to walk, not ahead or behind,

but always at your side.

I promise to uphold you in good times and bad,

to lean on you in my times of need,

yet be available to carry you

through whatever storms we might encounter.


I will be a foundation for you to build upon

I will be for you the roots that anchor our love

I will be your crutch when needed

I will always be your most loyal fan

I will love you forever with all my being

I will be your beacon at the end of the tunnel

I will be your lighthouse in the storm

I will be your steadfast helpmate

I will be your partner, your lover, your friend.


I promise to love you as much, or more,

on our last day together as I love you on this day,

for you alone carry the key to my heart.

You alone, make all I ever dreamed possible.. a reality.

All I ask in return is that you take my hand

and walk with me, allowing me to love you

with every breath I take, for you are

my life’s breath, my heartbeat…my all.