Trials & More Trials

I’m “On the road again”…with Waylan, Willie, and The Boys!!  And it has, so far, been nothing to write home about!  Or maybe it’s been a LOT to write home about.  Depends on one’s perspective, I guess.

The snow was pretty much gone when I left Wisconsin, headed once more for Texas, around March 7th.  However, it was still cold, cold, cold!  Hovering around 30 degrees.  I thought, before I left that I had a propane leak. Therefore, I decided to stay at a park where I would have electric, and thus, heat.  Upon arriving, I got my cord out to plug in and discovered that the adapter I’d used at my friend’s house had kind of “fused” to my cord.  I worked and worked to loosen it, and after about twenty minutes in the biting cold finally succeeded in getting it off!  Happy day!  That heat felt SO good once it warmed my little travel trailer.

The next day, as I was tooling down the highway, someone pulled alongside and honked.  A passenger was holding up a sign that said “trailer window open”.  I checked my mirror, and sure enough, a window was flopping in the breeze!  Stopped as soon as I could to check that out.  Made an adjustment and got back on the road.  About thirty minutes later…it’s flopping again!  Stopped, adjusted, and off we go.  Must have made it about forty minutes, and sure enough…there it goes again.  At the next stop, I had no choice but to dig out the duct tape!!!  Low and behold, that dang window stayed shut the rest of the way to Texas! Sorry to report that it is still taped shut.  Stayed at a State Park that night.  Still cold…


The next day’s adventure took place in Arkansas…now mind you, I love Arkansas…normally.  This park was only going to cost $15.00 for the night. Oh, my word, there were reasons!  I won’t go into details, but it was a humdinger.  The site I was led to was a very narrow back-in, with a tree at the edge.  SO this nice young man says he’ll back it in for me.  I’m eternally grateful, and allow him to do it.  As he’s backing in,  I notice a lot of branches AND glass in the site…yikes!  The nice young man leaves the truck running, so in a few minutes, I go up and shut it off.  It’s a bit seedy here, so I lock the truck doors and go back to set up.  Needing something from the truck, I look for my keys…you got it…they are in the ignition!  Not only that, but the extra set I normally keep inside the trailer, is in the pocket of the jacket I’d been wearing, and taken off earlier that day because it had warmed up nicely.  That jacket was laying on the passenger seat in the truck!!!  Now I think I’m going to lose it.   Went to find the “nice young man”, found out that he was gone.  His neighbors turned out to be “angels from above”!  Seems their son worked for a towing company.  They called him to see if he could help, and he said he would be shortly.  It took him all of three minutes to unlock my truck, and only charged me $10.00.

I could not possibly remember all the problems that I encountered on this trip to Texas, but needless to say, it was NOT my favorite trip!

Next installment…”More to Come”




Moving on…

It’s going to be difficult to find excitement to compare to my stay at WalMart, and I definitely don’t find it on the next night.

Once again, it is a long day!  Unfortunately, I have been experiencing a lot of sleepiness during my morning drives, and have been needing to stop each day for a little power nap.  Later that afternoon when I stopped to check for a nearby campground, I found nothing within my price range.  So…thinking I would stay away from WalMart this time…I look for something else.  Lo and behold, I look up, and there is a sign for Cracker Barrel right in front of me.  Must be fate!!  When I pull around to the back parking lot, it is empty, and I end up having it to myself all night.

In the morning, since I’ve not eaten very well for a couple of days,  the thought of a big plate of biscuits and gravy sounds very enticing.  And it was delicious!!

Moving right along…next stop…my first time in a National Forest…such fun!!


Walmart Movie

First night of leaving Texas I decide to just stop at a Walmart…somewhere.  I get settled in at the edge of the parking lot.  It was a long, hot day, and I was not prepared for the excitement to come…

As dusk settles in, Coco and I sit out on the steps where it is a bit cooler.  Suddenly I hear screeching wheels of a car coming around the corner.  I look up to see a police car seemingly headed straight for me!  At the last minute he turns into the first lane right next to me, slams to a stop, jumps out of his car while pulling his gun.  Now I am in full panic mode.  The officer yells at a male figure walking up the isle toward him to “Get on the f****** ground”.  “Get on the f****** ground or I’ll shoot your a**.”   Wish I had thought of my camera as this was the stuff of movies!  At this point they were on the other side of the police car, but I see the officer put the man in the backseat of the cruiser, then he walks around the car, looks up, sees me, and in a very calm, quiet voice makes a comment about the weather.  Then he gets in his car and quickly takes off, lights flashing.

So there it is…the most exciting time I’ve ever had at a Walmart!!


Exiting Texas


Well, here I am sitting and sitting in Texas, my home state.  Waiting for the results of one final test. Once I get that I’ll be heading north to, hopefully, a little cooler weather.  My stay here has been great for the most part.  I’ve spent time with my beautiful daughters, saw a Grandson graduate from college, a Granddaughter graduate from high school as valedictorian, watched the same Granddaughter sign to play softball for the University of Texas, Dallas, where because of her academics will have her tuition paid for all four years of college.  I attended a graduation party for both of these, celebrated the graduation of  another Granddaughters fiance from college,  ate lots and lots of real Mexican food(sadly not to be found in northern states). In the last game I watched my  Granddaughter play, she fell while delivering a pitch, and tore her ACL.  She will be out of the game for several months after surgery.

I’m staying on the property of some of my dearest friends.  These are but two of their many horses, and I am greeted with a similar view out my door every day.


The above was written two weeks ago, so I’ll add a little update.  I left Texas a couple of days later, headed north.

My Granddaughter had her reconstruction surgery, and is making an amazing recovery!!

My Grandson is off to his first job!

The friend I was staying with took her prize donkey to a show, and he won Reserve Grand Champion!

And I was off to my first trip into a National Forest…I’ll pick up on that in my next post…




My Day of Awakening

July 6, 2015 is a day I will never forget, not because anything happy and exciting happened, but because it was the day I suffered the most horrendous physical pain I have ever felt in my life.  I was on my way to the bathroom when suddenly it felt like my head exploded!  I remember grabbing my head and falling to the floor.  I have brief memories of a couple of times that day; one being as the EMT’s took me down the steps, another later as I was being transferred from the first hospital to another via Life Flight.

After that, I remember a few times of feeling like I was in a very far off place, unable to communicate.  Of course it didn’t help that I had a tube down my throat, two drain tubes in my head, and a feeding tube.  The doctor’s told my family they didn’t think I would ever be the same again.  But I fooled them all.

When I began to come around after about six weeks and they removed all the life support goodies, my Daughter started bringing me Ningxia Red every day.  On the third or fourth day, I had this amazing feeling like my body was working overtime to heal itself.

I’m not claiming that the Ningxia healed me, but I firmly believe that it gave my body the boost it needed at the time.  By the following January I felt better than I had felt in years.   I have taken it every day since, and will never give up my Ningxia Red!

For more information visit:

NingXia Red


Headed to Texas

My trip back to Texas is being made minus FS being towed behind.  So my nights have been spent in hotels, and that has been an experience!  The first night I found a “decent room”, at a decent price, that excepted pets.  However…when we walked in, Coco, (who has never in seven years wet in a house) squated.  I yelled…she stood up…I took her out.  When I came back in, I took a closer look at the carpet, and quite obviously former dog guests has used the carpet as grass!  So disgusting…

The second night, I went to two motels that wanted $25.00 a night for Coco.  The second of those also want a $50.00 deposit for using my Debit Card, which I wouldn’t get back for 2-3 weeks.  What’s with that??  My third attempt ended in about the same price, a $15.00 fee for Coco, and clean floors…yippee!

On the second day I started seeing signs of spring:


The colors were much prettier before I brought the pics here…many, many shades of green…and look how tall the grass is…


And then there were these from a rest area…







For tonight I found a nice room, decent price, and vinyl floors.  So Coco and I are both pleased.  And tomorrow we re-unite with our “little home on wheels”!  Soon we’ll be heading for New Mexico…


A Day To Remember

I just read an article that started out saying “President Obama, you remembered Hiroshima, do not forget Pearl Harbor.”  I stood one day at Pearl Harbor looking out at the place where the horror of that day took place 75 years ago, and wept for all the young men and women, we as a nation, lost forever. We have a duty to honor those who died and those who went on to fight another day, and those citizens who bravely responded. May we always remember what took place on that day.

On the 50th anniversary of that infamous day, President George H. W. Bush honored those who were there. He spoke of the Arizona:

“Every 15 seconds a drop of oil still rises from the Arizona and drifts to the surface. As it spreads across the water, we recall the ancient poet: “In our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God”. With each drop, it is as if God Himself were crying.”

Bush concluded his remarks 25 years ago with the following:

“The heroes of the Harbor…fought for a world of peace, not war, where children’s dreams speak more loudly than the brashest tyrant’s guns. Because of them, this memorial lives, to pass it’s lessons, from one generation to the next, lessons as clear as this Pacific sky.”

May we always remember, and pass on to our children and grandchildren, what took place this day…and during every war that has ever taken place….



Getting Closer..

In preparing for my journey, I have gone through a lot of “things”. The other day it was pictures, and then I found a box of my varied writings from years gone by. I found one I had written about my brother in 1995. I would like to share that with you in honor of him. He died that year.  He would have loved my adventure…he and I had talked about packing by horseback into Wyoming, but it never happened.

It’s simply titled “My Brother”

He’s my big brother. No, we aren’t kids anymore. We grew up long ago. As a matter of fact, we both have children of our own, and grandchildren. But you know, he’ll always be my “big brother”.

I wish we could be kids again..just for a while

When we were kids, he teased me a lot. He had a special way about him that allowed him to con me into doing things for him, mostly things he just didn’t want to do himself. Of course I usually did them just because I loved him a whole lot, but I never would have told him that. He was my hero. He believed in me, and stood up for me when no one else would. I thought he was the most handsome, “neatest” guy in the to Dad. As kids, he never told me he loved me either, but I knew.

I wish we could be kids again..just for a while

He has cancer now, and he is suffering a lot. I feel like I should be his big sister now, like I should be the strong one. But it’s hard, I’d still like to be the “little sister”. I wish he could put his arms around me, hug me real tight, and tell me again that everything will be alright. I wish it could be alright again..

I wish we could be kids again..just for a while

But then, maybe being kids again wouldn’t be so great. As adults, we learned to say “I love you” to each other. I hope and pray that he really knows how much I love him..and knows that given the choice, I would not have chosen anyone else to be my “big brother”