People ask me why I would take off and live in an RV full time. Well, here it is: I am going to live a dream of mine, a dream of many others that have gone before me, a dream of our forefathers. I am going to explore this glorious country of ours, going to feel the awe and wonder that those who are already doing it experience on a daily basis. I want to feel the same earth beneath my feet & draw strength from that same soil as our ancestors did. I want to touch the bark of a tree and feel the life force within as it travels fro m roots to the very top. I want to feel my heart swell, and shed tears of joy as I look upon the amazing creations of our God. I want to become more acutely aware, amazed, and grateful for that which was created for our enjoyment, to become a part of nature, to see the oceans crashing against the mighty rocks and shorelines, the Redwood giants that will tower above and remind me that they, and so many other things have been here for eons. What a small part we humans play in this world of ours. In comparison, what a short time we have to spend on this earth. And I, for one, intend to make the most of what time I have left.

This dream of mine was a dream before, but I was afraid, afraid of leaving my “home”, family, & friends, and giving up the security of these things. But after suffering a major brain bleed last year, and an entire year of near death experiences, I think (no, I know) I finally have my priorities sorted out. To begin with, I will not be leaving my “home”, it will merely travel with me. I won’t be leaving my family and friends. Surely, I won’t be seeing them as often, but hopefully through my words they will experience some of the pure joy that will be mine and see things that they may never see for themselves. And they need to know they will always hold the top position in my heart of hearts, my love for them only continuing to grow daily. I hope that they will come to understand my need to return to the core of all God’s creation, to live and feel the wonder of it all. I no longer need to have a tiny piece of this earth to call my own, because it is all mine..everything within my view..the desert, the plains, the mountains, the oceans were created for me to discover and claim as mine. I would imagine this is the way the pioneers felt as they looked out over this land. Each day will be a new beginning, as if being re-born again and again. As I hold all my friends and family close to my heart, I will make new friends that share my new outlook on life, and I’ll experience a oneness with them unknown to me in my present life. It is time I followed my dream!



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  1. Patricia, I am pleased you are well now and lives adventures wont pass you by. We are about to live in our motorhome for a while, as of next week our home in Someset is sold but our next is still subject to contract… As we move up to Suffolk (England) and begin our next adventure we are pleased to have our motorhome as a stopgap, a home from home. We have been down Europe’s body and had wonderful journeys and gret fun, no doubt once we are settled we will be jaunting off to explore other possibilities. Goor luck with your quest and you are right you haven’t left anyone… you have given them an opportunity to visit you in wonderful places.


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