More to Come:

Here’s the “more”.

I arrived in Hockley, Tx the first part of March.  My intention was to be there a week, or at most two weeks.  I was going to visit with my oldest daughter and family, and keep a couple of doctor’s appointments.  As had been my luck of late, I ended up with a series of medical issues that kept me there for almost two full months.  The happy side of life was that I was fortunate to spend a lot of quality time with my family!

This is Terri & I…WOW, that’s big!!  Don’t know how to change it…

Terri & I

And below is Terri, hubby Dan, and Josh & Sydney

Terri, Dan, Josh & Sydney

While there, Terri’s BFsF Jennifer & Roy were kind enough to allow me to stay on there beautiful country property the entire time.  They even put up with me flipping breakers while trying to use my Kuerig…took me a while to figure that one out!  LOL

My Coco even figured out how to play with other dogs…sort of…she really always thought she was human!



The family and I did do some just hanging out, and had a lot of my favorite Mexican food, but for the most part, poor Terri just ran me around from doctor to doctor.  It was so good to just spend time together!!!

From there…on to the Texas Hill Country…