Trials & More Trials

I’m “On the road again”…with Waylan, Willie, and The Boys!!  And it has, so far, been nothing to write home about!  Or maybe it’s been a LOT to write home about.  Depends on one’s perspective, I guess.

The snow was pretty much gone when I left Wisconsin, headed once more for Texas, around March 7th.  However, it was still cold, cold, cold!  Hovering around 30 degrees.  I thought, before I left that I had a propane leak. Therefore, I decided to stay at a park where I would have electric, and thus, heat.  Upon arriving, I got my cord out to plug in and discovered that the adapter I’d used at my friend’s house had kind of “fused” to my cord.  I worked and worked to loosen it, and after about twenty minutes in the biting cold finally succeeded in getting it off!  Happy day!  That heat felt SO good once it warmed my little travel trailer.

The next day, as I was tooling down the highway, someone pulled alongside and honked.  A passenger was holding up a sign that said “trailer window open”.  I checked my mirror, and sure enough, a window was flopping in the breeze!  Stopped as soon as I could to check that out.  Made an adjustment and got back on the road.  About thirty minutes later…it’s flopping again!  Stopped, adjusted, and off we go.  Must have made it about forty minutes, and sure enough…there it goes again.  At the next stop, I had no choice but to dig out the duct tape!!!  Low and behold, that dang window stayed shut the rest of the way to Texas! Sorry to report that it is still taped shut.  Stayed at a State Park that night.  Still cold…


The next day’s adventure took place in Arkansas…now mind you, I love Arkansas…normally.  This park was only going to cost $15.00 for the night. Oh, my word, there were reasons!  I won’t go into details, but it was a humdinger.  The site I was led to was a very narrow back-in, with a tree at the edge.  SO this nice young man says he’ll back it in for me.  I’m eternally grateful, and allow him to do it.  As he’s backing in,  I notice a lot of branches AND glass in the site…yikes!  The nice young man leaves the truck running, so in a few minutes, I go up and shut it off.  It’s a bit seedy here, so I lock the truck doors and go back to set up.  Needing something from the truck, I look for my keys…you got it…they are in the ignition!  Not only that, but the extra set I normally keep inside the trailer, is in the pocket of the jacket I’d been wearing, and taken off earlier that day because it had warmed up nicely.  That jacket was laying on the passenger seat in the truck!!!  Now I think I’m going to lose it.   Went to find the “nice young man”, found out that he was gone.  His neighbors turned out to be “angels from above”!  Seems their son worked for a towing company.  They called him to see if he could help, and he said he would be shortly.  It took him all of three minutes to unlock my truck, and only charged me $10.00.

I could not possibly remember all the problems that I encountered on this trip to Texas, but needless to say, it was NOT my favorite trip!

Next installment…”More to Come”