My Day of Awakening

July 6, 2015 is a day I will never forget, not because anything happy and exciting happened, but because it was the day I suffered the most horrendous physical pain I have ever felt in my life.  I was on my way to the bathroom when suddenly it felt like my head exploded!  I remember grabbing my head and falling to the floor.  I have brief memories of a couple of times that day; one being as the EMT’s took me down the steps, another later as I was being transferred from the first hospital to another via Life Flight.

After that, I remember a few times of feeling like I was in a very far off place, unable to communicate.  Of course it didn’t help that I had a tube down my throat, two drain tubes in my head, and a feeding tube.  The doctor’s told my family they didn’t think I would ever be the same again.  But I fooled them all.

When I began to come around after about six weeks and they removed all the life support goodies, my Daughter started bringing me Ningxia Red every day.  On the third or fourth day, I had this amazing feeling like my body was working overtime to heal itself.

I’m not claiming that the Ningxia healed me, but I firmly believe that it gave my body the boost it needed at the time.  By the following January I felt better than I had felt in years.   I have taken it every day since, and will never give up my Ningxia Red!

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6 thoughts on “My Day of Awakening

  1. Wow pat, what a strong woman you are! What a survivors. It the doctors were right on a way. You are not the same. You are more aware, more resilient , more alive than ever. You go girl. And go and go, and go…


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