Silent Love

Though love does not require a word

in many ways it’s voice is heard

in the silence hear it speak

the voice of love is never weak.

Love promotes faith and trust

for each human is a must

without love — an empty shell

to hear it speak, listen well.

Love conveyed without a word

sweeter sounds were never heard.

when there’s love, actions say

love grows stronger day by day.

no greater gift on the earth

no possession of it’s worth.

On love there can’t be put a price

can’t be won with roll of dice

do not love too freely give

too freely given, will not live.

With fleeting glance, or a touch

love can say so very much.

when there’s love between a pair,

silent thoughts they’re prone to share.

Love is as a flowing stream

forever endless does it seem

disappearing round a bend

love, like stream, knows no end

A stream will widen, and will grow

into a river winding slow.

love will widen and grow, too

cherish it when given you

Clutch love gently to your breast

of all gifts, it is the best.




10 thoughts on “Silent Love

    1. Thank you, Vicki. You are too kind!!

      I’m back in Wisconsin. I’ll be headed back toward Tomball around Mar 20th. Perhaps we can get together this trip. Maybe we could even get in some camping time.

      The repairs are just never ending, aren’t they?! Did you have rain coming in, or did you discover it in time?


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  2. Wonderful expression!Love encompasses all yet is boundless it resides in all with manifestations singularly unique but emotions universal . The more we contemplate on it the nobler it becomes. You write very well.I hope my words make sense.


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