My Dearest Love

I promise that you alone will hold in your hands

my heart, mind, and soul for all eternity.

I promise to love and adore you,

to walk, not ahead or behind,

but always at your side.

I promise to uphold you in good times and bad,

to lean on you in my times of need,

yet be available to carry you

through whatever storms we might encounter.


I will be a foundation for you to build upon

I will be for you the roots that anchor our love

I will be your crutch when needed

I will always be your most loyal fan

I will love you forever with all my being

I will be your beacon at the end of the tunnel

I will be your lighthouse in the storm

I will be your steadfast helpmate

I will be your partner, your lover, your friend.


I promise to love you as much, or more,

on our last day together as I love you on this day,

for you alone carry the key to my heart.

You alone, make all I ever dreamed possible.. a reality.

All I ask in return is that you take my hand

and walk with me, allowing me to love you

with every breath I take, for you are

my life’s breath, my heartbeat…my all.



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