I Am Whole..


PHOTO CREDIT:   Copyright  ©Pat Priebe;Waller, Texas. 2005


My heart was scarred-my soul was lost

true love so often eluded me

and then my eyes were opened

you accepted all I have to offer

and I am whole….

In the solitude of the early morning dawn

when the dew is still upon the grass

I hear your name softly whispered on the wind

I see the sparkle in your eyes reflected by the rising sun

I feel the warmth of your body nestled in my arms

I hear your voice as you gently say “I love you”

and I am whole….

At the height of the day

still you occupy my every thought

and I wonder how one such as I

could be so very blessed

as to have my own special angel

to share my every waking moment

and I am whole….

As the sun slips beneath the horizon

I feel the gentle warmth of your lips on mine

as my fingers softly caress your face

and I thank a power much greater than I

for bringing you into my life

and making you mine

and I am whole….

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