My Wish

I write this for my beautiful Granddaughter, Sydney, on her eighteenth birthday.


Syd, I wrote this for your Mom, Aunt, and Uncle many years ago…it is also my wish for you.


“If I were granted but one wish for you, my children, it would be that you all be dreamers”

I would not wish you riches

of silver or of gold

nor that you would go through life

with anothers hand to hold.

I would not wish for you

a life devoid of tears

nor that you would go through life

completely without fears.

I would not wish you laughter

or one endless, happy day

nor that you would go through life

with naught to do but play.

Rather, I would wish for you, desire

to follow each and every dream

no matter how ridiculous

to others they may seem.

You see, dreams beget successes

so reach out and take a hold

Simply live out every dream that’s yours

you’ll not need this world’s gold

Stretch your mind–pursue your dreams

don’t let others tell you what to do

as you achieve each dream in life

relax–and dream anew!

This, alone, would be my wish for you…

Syd, I want you to know that I am so very proud of you for all your academic and athletic accomplishments, but am most proud of your inner beauty and the amazing young woman you are fast becoming!  And I want to thank you for the love you showed me last year when I was so very sick. Even though I wasn’t always consciously aware of your presence in the hospital, I know that many times you asked your Mom to wait to visit until you could go with her.  You, along with the rest of the family gave me the strength to carry on.  I love you SO very much, and am sending you the biggest hug ever for your special birthday!!!!

I love and miss you!

14 thoughts on “My Wish

  1. This is a beautifully expressed poem/wish as is your grandaughter. We must strive to enjoy and dream and make the most of all our days as none of us know when they will end. A Superb gift lies between those lines. Happy birthday from me here in Somerset England.


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