Gautier, Mississippi


My second stay was at Shepard State Park, a great campground that has been run by the city since 2013.  It sits on 305 beautiful acres, includes 8 miles of nature trails, and the cost for seniors was $13.00.  Can’t beat that!!

Shepard SP frisbee golf

This is Frisbee Golf…which I had never heard of, but people seemed to be enjoying it.

2016-07-11 08.29.50

My fantastic campsite..


Some of the other campsites.  There are 28 of these awesome spots!!


A great area to kayak


This picture is posted especially for my friend, Wandering Spirit.  Am I doomed to crossing a bridge EVERY day of my life.  I just know that this is it…the last day of my life…this is the one that is going to collapse into the water with me on it!  I’m sure it would have happened had I not immediately begun praying to Great Spirit.  As Wandering Spirit said previously….”another bridge crossed”…and I can breathe again!!

6 thoughts on “Gautier, Mississippi

    1. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. I did go read about the frisbee golf on your blog..thank you. I think I would probably like playing it, so I’ll have to give it a try in the near future. Also enjoyed reading about your travels. I’m going to send a link to my daughter for your blog. I know she would enjoy it, as she likes to travel as you do, planning her own trips. She just returned from a ten day trip to Scotland.

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  1. Hi Pat (Freespirit)
    And I feel very sure that you will cross this bridge too….when you come to it. Or maybe you already came to it. And, I also feel that as time goes on your fear of bridges will lessen, more and more.
    We walked over one today….if I knew how to post a picture here, I would. It was 3 boards wide and very very long, but it had high sides, and even the dogs were just fine with it. I thought of you.


    1. Micky…I would love to see a picture of that bridge. Could you email it to me?? I found your email address, but didn’t want to intrude on your privacy by using it. If each of those boards were about 5 feet wide, I might(just might) be able to manage it…however, if they were narrow, I would probably feel like throwing up just looking at the picture!! LOL I’m such a weeny about some things.


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