Why Send Our Youth to Die

In looking through the news, a soldier’s picture I did see

It seemed those youthful eyes were looking back at me

A caption beneath the picture, and here is what it said:

“This young man was sent to war, and now this young man’s dead”

I wonder if he knows the pride that’s felt by all

Because he, like many others answered his country’s call

Although I did not know him, a tear rolled from my eye

Once more the thought crossed my mind..Why send our youth to die?

Why send our youth to die..yes that is what I said

One reason..so the rest of us can safely go to bed

Sometimes I think it’s fruitless, and surely must be wrong

But the deaths of our youth, help make our Country strong

All the wars that we’ve fought, were fought for you and I

So our country can be free, we send our youth to die

My only prayer is that not one, will have died in vain

That some day soon there will be peace, where their blood has left it’s stain.


Pat Priebe

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