Open your mind and you will see

how very lonesome thought can be

Your mind can wander round and round

making real each sight and sound

It can create for you a jail

where you’ll forever cry and wail

Bringing from others only scorn

making you wish you were never born

If you keep hopes and prayers inside

from friends and family feelings hide

Hiding thoughts – you’ll never know

the love you get, when love you show.

Open your heart and you will see

how very wondrous thought can be

Through thought your loved ones can be near

the songs of angels you can hear

Thinking thoughts of joy you’ll not be sad

through thoughts have much you’ve never had

Bring memories back of other days

vanish your faults and mend your ways

Turn back the clock – be young once more

walk in the surf along the shore

Through thought you can be king or queen

have riches like you’ve never seen.

Don’t keep thoughts all to yourself

stored away on some hidden shelf

Open your heart and let others see

your hopes and dreams whatever they be

Don’t be afraid to share a dream

no matter how foolish it may seem

Open your heart and mind today

don’t worry what “someone will say”

Open your heart to a friend in need

to the thoughts of friends you must pay heed

Unless you do – you’ll never know

the love you get, when love you show.

Why Send Our Youth to Die

In looking through the news, a soldier’s picture I did see

It seemed those youthful eyes were looking back at me

A caption beneath the picture, and here is what it said:

“This young man was sent to war, and now this young man’s dead”

I wonder if he knows the pride that’s felt by all

Because he, like many others answered his country’s call

Although I did not know him, a tear rolled from my eye

Once more the thought crossed my mind..Why send our youth to die?

Why send our youth to die..yes that is what I said

One the rest of us can safely go to bed

Sometimes I think it’s fruitless, and surely must be wrong

But the deaths of our youth, help make our Country strong

All the wars that we’ve fought, were fought for you and I

So our country can be free, we send our youth to die

My only prayer is that not one, will have died in vain

That some day soon there will be peace, where their blood has left it’s stain.


Pat Priebe