The other night I had a dream

So very real that dream did seem

I dreamed that I had passed away

And arose to hear Saint Peter say

“Take my hand, come with me;

There are many things you must see”

He lead me through a valley deep

And up a snow topped mountain steep

When we reached the mountain crest

I felt that I was truly blessed

Saint Peter said to me “Behold”

The awe I felt cannot be told

The gates of Heaven stood open wide

Familier faces I saw inside

As I stood beside the Golden Gate

I saw such love, not any hate

God had touched and made each whole

There was not there one crippled soul

I saw a child who’d had no feet

But now his body was complete

I saw a woman who’d had no child

She held a babe, so meek and mild

I saw a man who spoke no word

Until the voice of God he heard

I saw a young man lost in war

The wounds he suffered were no more

He stood straight and walked so tall

He had answered the Master’s call

There was no pain or suffering there

Of this fact….I was aware

Then Saint Peter said “We’ll go away”

“This is not your time to stay”

Those sights I just cannot forget

I knew it was a dream, and yet

It seemed so very real to me

This bit of Heaven I did see

Pat Priebe


In the early morning dawn, with the dew yet on the lawn;

I sit here alone and dream, how very peaceful it does seem.

Peace and quiet do pervade, as life awakens in the glade.

The morning sun life does awake, as it’s rays through mist do break

The Robin flies to feed her young, the Bluejay’s morning song is sung.

Now the sun is shining bright; gone once more the lonely night.

Awake now world and greet the day, is what the wildlife seem to say

Soon the world begins to stir…if I’m glad, I am not sure

The peace of now will soon be gone, the dew will vanish from the lawn…

c.Pat Priebe, 2016

An Anniversary Message…

As the winds of fortune blew one day,

a seed was deigned to come my way

That seed I planted long ago,

loved and tended; it did grow

Never bound by fear nor shell,

that tiny seed did grow and swell.

It’s roots anchored in my heart,

bearing fruit right from the start.

Love and trust still freely gives,

some have died; yet this one lives.

The beauty of this special seed,

shall not be marred by reckless weed.

Although caring for all the rest,

this seed..the one I love the best.

c. 2016, Pat Priebe