You Were There

These words were written with the hope that one day I would speak them

to the one I love:


My spirit soared to the heights of happiness…and you were there

You simply stood back, smiling, sharing in my elation

I suffered the loss of someone dear…and you were there

I drew strength from your encircling arms,

and your nearness eased the pain

I was lonely, and once again…you were there

I saw the love in your eyes

and the loneliness disappeared

We share an unconditional love, and I know

that we will always love one another

With all that is within me,

I promise to always be available to you

to love you, uphold you

share your happiness and sorrow

your laughter and your tears

And as we share this special day,

I pledge to you my heart,

my soul, my very being, for all eternity

Pat Priebe

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