Life Thoughts

A dear friend titled a blog post “You can’t always get what you want” (a Mick quote) and I have thought about that…a lot!   I’ve always been a pretty easy going, laid back person, and many times when life seemed unfair, my attitude was “oh well, sh** happens”.  Now, I wonder why it took so many years to realize that there is some power, greater than I that will lead me to all that is good and right for me if I only relax and let it happen. It may not always be what I started out thinking I wanted, but it is what’s right for me. I’m working on letting that happen, and so many wondrous things have become a part of my new understanding that my heart is ready to burst at the peace and joy that I feel. I’ve come to appreciate much more my family and the many old, & the new friends that have become such a huge part of my life.

As I begin what will probably be the last exciting adventure of my life, I want my family to be reminded how much I love them.  Wherever this life takes me, they will be with me…my three wonderful amazing beautiful great grandchildren.  I have truly been blessed!  It’s difficult to leave my old, faithful friends behind, but they too will be with me, and …I will be returning for frequent visits to reunite with them.

My “new life” awaits me, and I welcome it with open arms.  My life is about to be enriched in ways I never dreamed possible.  I am in awe, and at times, wonder if I am truly worthy of the joy and love that is mine for the accepting.

I’ll continue posting my poetry here since I have finally found my “voice” once more, but will also be adding my new travel adventures. I also hope everyone will take a  look at my Essential Oil site.  These oils have brought tremendous changes to my health and well being and I will share that at a later date.

Peace and love to everyone that is a part of my life…both old & new…  A special thank you to my new “spirit sister” for stirring my thinking and being my friend.


2 thoughts on “Life Thoughts

  1. Ditto to all the things you wrote in this post!

    You know, I would have thought by this stage in the game, I would have learned the moves…would have lost the anxiety, learned to trust Great Spirit and the precious intuition given to me, but no, I constantly need reminders and every day is a learning experience.
    Your words are so precise and so clear and they help me be reminded and they help me learn.
    Thank you for writing this blog Spirit Sister! I’m looking forward to your adventures and the thoughts and feelings you express about them!

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    1. Pat (Freespirit)-in Texas just a little longer..

      Micky, I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you take the time to read my writings…and even more that you like them. I knew from the beginning that we had a similar way of looking at life, I just didn’t know we had so much in common! You know…I think that the day we completely “trust Great Spirit” and no longer have those daily learning experiences, will be the day we return to Great Spirit. So…let’s just keep on learning. What do you say, my Spirit Sister?
      Thank you for being so special…


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