Thoughts of You

Last night I laid back and listened to the rain pounding on my roof, the thunder rolling. I saw the lightning flashes through my window… and thought of you. My mind wandered to the times we will have storms in our lives and will face each one together..holding tightly, waiting for the dawn to break. My heart raced as my mind considered the reality of the impending joy as we face those stormy times together and anticipate the moment the sun bursts through the clouds and baths us in the morning light.

As the thunder and lightning dissipated and the rain fell softly on my roof…my only thoughts were of you. In my mind’s eye, I saw us dancing barefoot in the rain, knowing that whatever mud of life squished between our toes would simply wash away as we moved to higher ground. As the rain soaked our clothing, dripped from our hair in little rivulets, and we held each other close, I considered God’s perfect plan of nourishing all living things, and knew that we would continue to grow together until we became one in the sight of God and man.

Ah yes, I am a dreamer of dreams, and one could even say that I don’t exist in the “real world”, and that may be partially true, but my “dreams” feed my heart and soul, and give me strength. I dream of the possibility of our having a life together..facing life’s storms, basking in the sunlight, living a life of contentment and peace, blending our families and friends, enjoying the creations of nature, and building a strong and enduring love.

Come, take my hand, and I’ll walk you through my land of dreams..skipping through the meadows, hiking in the mountains, bathing in the lakes, dancing in the rain, discovering the awesome beauty of our world and each other. I long to look into your eyes, and “see” into your soul, as you do the same with me.
Pat Priebe, 2016

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