The heart of God…

A friend said that I “live within the heart of God” (taken from Kalil Gibran)…note to self…read him again ..I don’t remember that…

What does that mean??  Why did she say that?  Is that perhaps why I feel so often that I am “different” than others?  Is that why, when I love another that it feels like I love more intensely than anyone else?  Is that why others sadness or cruelty seems to literally tear my heart apart?  I’ve always felt that I was somehow different, but don’t really know how or why. Is that the reason why, when observing God’s miraculous handiwork, my heart seems to literally swell to the point of my not being able to contain it within my chest?  Is that why I sometimes feel like I still see the world through the eyes of a that a form of innocents or am I naive?  Is that what stirs me to want to actually be a part of the natural beauty that surrounds feel like I want to crawl into it and let this being that I am become a part of be absorbed by it?  Am I really alone in these feelings of not belonging in this physical world at times..or do others feel that a part of them belongs here with family and friends, but another part of them feels a need to escape into the universe..OR does my mind just teeter on the brink of insanity??  Now THAT is the burning question!!

4 thoughts on “The heart of God…

  1. Hmm. We are twins….spirit twins, I’m thinking.
    No you are not the only one. There is me, too, that feels different. I always think to myself….you just THINK you are different. But yes, I do think it. When I see a mountain, or a tree, or a stream, and it’s so beautiful, it turns me inside out, and I’m jumping up and down inside…( and I’d like to be jumping up and down outside too, but I better not or I’ll pee my pants)…or the way a bird soars through the air or the way my dog rolls in the grass after a swim….or the way the waves hit the rocks….its just more than I believe…the beauty in everything.

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    1. Pat (Freespirit)-in Texas just a little longer..

      Yes, Micky…I think you have nailed it on the head…”spirit twins”…I like that. From the first time I read one of your posts, I felt a special kind of connection…a feeling of understanding what came from the unseen part of your communications…something not everyone gets…and I want you to know I treasure that. Thank you for being my friend!


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