An Anniversary Message…

As the winds of fortune blew one day,

a seed was deigned to come my way

That seed I planted long ago,

loved and tended; it did grow

Never bound by fear nor shell,

that tiny seed did grow and swell.

It’s roots anchored in my heart,

bearing fruit right from the start.

Love and trust still freely gives,

some have died; yet this one lives.

The beauty of this special seed,

shall not be marred by reckless weed.

Although caring for all the rest,

this seed..the one I love the best.

c. 2016, Pat Priebe










5 thoughts on “An Anniversary Message…

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment, Micky. Poetry was always a huge part of my life…until I became involved in a relationship, and let it go. Now that I’m alone again, I find myself able to pour out my deepest thoughts and feelings onto paper…and since I have no travels to talk about yet, thought I would share some of my passion, hoping that others would gain insight into my inner being. I’m getting a little stir crazy with being stuck here. Hope to leave the first week of July. You take care, my friend…

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